http://www.schweigerviolins.com   Erich, our fiddler, has returned once again to building violins.  The band watches them being created since we practice in his fiddle shop.  Check em out.

www.skeeterdaddle.net    Skeeter’s kind of the spiritual advisor to the band.  Or so he thinks…  He runs the Daddle Distillery back in the nettle hollows behind the South End Diner.  Pretty good nettle mash.  Which is really the reason we keep him around.

www.bigquack.com   Mark Dodge has recorded all the band’s cd’s.  He’s the guru of the island’s music scene north of the South End and has many albums of his own and his many bands.  Check em out.

www.leatherheadspub.com   Erich, our fiddler, runs a legal establishment in Stanwoodopolis where he serves up food and liquor and music to those legally entitled.  The others, we do it off the back porch.  As Teddy Roosevelt famously said:  ‘Speakeasy and carry a big stick.’

www.thecrabcracker.com   This is a fine little publication that comes out every 2 weeks filled with everything that’s happening on the South End and beyond.

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