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Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center Benefit Concert

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Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center Benefit Concert

Making Artists Great Again — No More Fake Muse!!!

South End String Band


Once again, despite popular demand, the South End String Band is bringing its authentic, definitely not fake, Camano backwash roots music to the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center in Stanwood’s Historic District Saturday, Feb. 3rd, 2018 from 7-9 pm with a 6-7 pm social hour with snacks provided and wine and beer for sale.  Their aim, of course, besides helping bring culture to the great washed masses of the Stanwoodopolis area, is to Make Artists Great Again.  Not that the Band has ever really been great before, but … well, they liked the slogan and in these provocative prevaricating times, they decided to wag the dog.  No more Fake Muse!


Floyd Norgaard Benefit Concert Feb. 3, 2018

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Celebration for Thrift Store Annex Completion

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Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center Gig

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Better than Coal … and a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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