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KSER Video Replay

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Old Time Radio — The South End Biscuit Hour

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 Hit this link, go to Bluegrass Express for Feb 23 and then hit the 12 o’clock hour.  You can hear us for one entire hour if you can take the time from yer busy schedules…..  If not, you can listen while you’re checking stocks on another window….  We got a full hour.  All the other live bands get less than 30 minutes.  For you math majors, that’s 60 minutes of fame, not 15.  Eat yer heart out, Andy Warhol.

LIVE! on KSER 90.7 or 89.9

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Better heard than seen, the South End String Band will play this coming Sunday, Feb. 23rd on Miss Nicolette’s two hour show Bluegrass Express.  The Band will play live at noon.  Y’all tune in!  If you can’t listen then because of church service commitments, catch us on the archives section of