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Harvest Jubilee Finale at the South Grange

Posted in SOUTH END STRING BAND on August 31, 2012 by sesb2009

It’s harvest time on the old South End!  Big doings, oh yeah.  The whole Harvest Jubilee weekend is going to build to a Grand Finale and you KNOW where we’ll be having it —- that’s correcto, amigo — at the South Camano Grange.  After you’ve toured the farms and listened to the speeches, after you’ve petted goats and ogled alpacas, after you’ve tasted smokey point butter squash and tried to spell arugula, after you’ve driven all those miles on not-so-sustainable gasoline, after all the nettles are harvested and the free range crabs are rounded up, there’s only one last stop, one final jubilation, one Monster Party you should NOT miss.

The South End String Band is cranking up the volume, serving adult beverages and offering up a foot stomping, toe-tapping, barn burning, old fashioned SOUTH END HOEDOWN.  We’re going to help the Grange with your $5 suggested donation and we’re going to show you what Sustainable Partying is all about.

We’re going back – way back – to when the Grange rocked, when the entire community hauled on down and shook the moss off the roof.  We’ll have snacks for sale and we’ll offer up some moonshine wit and wet powder wisdom for anyone wondering why the South End is the Shangri-La-La of the Western World.  You show up, we’ll make you a certified (or certifiable) citizen of the South End.  No ID necessary.  And no credit check required.  It isn’t called Harvest Jubilee for nothing. SOUTH GRANGE HOEDOWN 6PM – to when the cows come home Satuday Sept. 22nd South Camano Grange 2227 S Camano Dr. (just south of Elger Bay Store) “Where the Past isn’t Prologue, It’s just Prolonged….”