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jug’s empty, boyz, time to face the music

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 by sesb2009

Adios From The South End   

 Some bands never seem to die.  Well, the members do …. Until eventually there’s one poor old geezer left standing with a bunch of sad replacements he picked up at the local junior high.  They tour the Casino Circuit playing their 3 memorable hits to folks who just can’t get enough of nostalgia, hoping, I guess, Channel 9’s PBS will pick them up and they can live forever every year during fundraiser week.

    The South End String Band, sorry to say, is calling it a day.     Even on the habitually slothful South End there comes a time to say adios, step back into the shadows and let the new kids have a whack at it.  Some might call it an early retirement, others a much deserved rest …. But we call it Quittin Time.  And that time, sad to say, is here.  In the immortal words of the South End String Band’s grief counselor and bailbondsman, Skeeter Daddle, after too many a late night session: “The jug’s empty, boys, time to face the music.”

    True words.  After almost a decade the South End String Band is hanging it up.  We had hoped to go out with one final benefit concert so we could give our fan club a memorable last listen, but she was ill that week with some crudbug.  So…. we are drifting into oblivion the old fashioned way.  No, not fighting and screaming.  We’re sneaking quietly out the back door and heading home where supper is probably cold again.  And the skillet will be used for more than cooking poached venison….

    However, before we morph into little more than some washed out future Tribute Band of drooling old fool look-alikes with banjos and guitars, fiddles and wheelchairs, playing Cripple Creek the 10,000th time on the Casino Circuit, slightly out of tune and plenty out of focus, the South End String Band would be remiss if we went out into that good dark without saying thank you to all you brave and stalwart souls who stumbled down to one of our concerts.  Like we said, we had hoped to put on one Last Farewell Gig, raise some money for some good and virtuous cause, the Save the Stanwood Sewer Lagoons  or Stop the Alpaca Hunting Slaughter.  But we waited too long and now most of us have ailments and mental issues, making a final concert an impossibility without heavy police supervision and stringent pharmaceutical control measures. 

    So instead we want to simply and sincerely say:  Thank you All.  It was a Total Hoot for us to have the opportunity to play music to so many neighbors and friends and shirt-tail relatives.  And … it was a very profound privilege to play for you in a myriad of venues, from the Grange to Josephine, the Senior Center fundraisers to Harvest Jubilee, from park openings to car shows, from Crustacean Invasions to Snow Goose Fly-Ins, from the Fair to the Floyd, St. Patrick’s to the Lights of Christmas.  You cannot possibly know how much you warmed the cockles of our southbound hearts. 

    So yes, we want to say thanks, but, as always, apologize if we have to.  You ever get nostalgic, you know where to find us.  No, not the Tulalip Casino.  We’re still on the Back Porch and we can always make some room.  Especially if we move a couple of large appliances.  And remember, the South End is really just a state of mind.  Sorry to have to tell you this so belatedly, but we all occasionally live there.  Keep some music in yer hearts.  Play it a little too loud.  And always a little too fast. 

The South End String Band