Camano in a Clamshell Gig — Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center Benefit

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History is written by the winners, some say, but those folks obviously never ran into the South End String Band. Saturday, Feb 6th, the Stanwoodopolis Historical Society will host ‘Camano in a Clamshell’, a brief but complete history of the island by us losers, the South End String Band, fiddling once again while Rome burns with special guest Julie Campbell on violin.

According to  the band’s grief counselor, Skeeter Daddle, it will be a fair and balanced accounting of Camano’s rich past as a backwash paradise accompanied by song and music. As always, food will be provided, wine and beer will be available and ample, the music will be spirited and history degrees will be awarded to those who complete the course by the prestigious if non-accredited Elger Bay Institoot of Aesthetic Enlargement.

7 pm Sat. Feb. 6th, Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center. $15 donation at the door. Y’all come on down! Remember, you forget history, you got to repeat it. Don’t make us do that to you. Once is plenty.

History Lessons at the Floyd Feb. 6, 2016

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St. Pat’s Gig at Leatherheads Pub 6-8 March 17th

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The Fab Five and the Magical History Tour

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They say those who forget history … are doomed to repeat it. Maybe most places, but not on the South End! You get a Second Chance, a Do-Over, a Mulligan. Which is why the South End String Band is back at the Stanwood Area Historical Society’s Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center playing another fundraiser: they figure someday they’ll actually get it right. That, or the Floyd will wise up to their shenanigans.
Probably neither., but meantime, come join them for some Camano roots music, good food, adult beverages and a glimpse of what history could’ve been if we weren’t in such an All-Fired Hurry to move on to tomorrow. Like the band famously sez: the future isn’t Prologue, it’s just Prolonged.

Sat. Feb 7th , 2015 at 7 PM at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center. Finger food and appetizers will be served and beer and wine will be available for purchase. Apologies, if necessary, will be forthcoming from the Band. Suggested donation: $15.

Address: 27130 102nd Avenue Northwest, Stanwood, WA 98292
Phone:(360) 629-6110

The truth, the whole truth and nothing butt the truth…


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